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Show your love for the nerd in your life with these scientific gifts.  

These gifts are great for any science teacher, student, researcher, or anyone who simply loves the field of science. From collectible animal specimens to gadgets that can be used at work, this list covers the entire scientific spectrum.

Innovating Science Periodic Table Pen

Periodic table pen for ease of looking up elements Double sided with periodic table on front and miniature reference chart on back Colored-coded for distinguishing between metals, non-metals, and noble gas families, and differentiating types of metals, solids, liquids, and gases from synthetic elements Name, symbol, atomic number, weight, mass, and electron configuration for further detail Suitabl

This pen includes a roll-out miniature periodic table so that you can easily look up element properties at any time.

Premium Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

Lab quality glassware Graduations measure up to 500mL Great gift for scientists and geeks Best version on the market

This coffee mug looks like a flask or beaker you would find in any lab kit. This makes the perfect gift for a scientist or teacher.

GIANTmicrobes Plush Anabaena Algae

Giant microbes are stuffed representations of actual microbes Fun and creative way to start the discussion about microbes as they relate to the study of microbiology Includes a tag with information and images of the microbe it represents

GIANTmicrobes plush toys allow us to get up close and personal with cuddly versions of microscopic organisms. Great for microbiologists or microbiology students.

Life-Size Heart Model

An excellent, economical, life-size heart model. Anatomically accurate and great for learning basic internal and external anatomy of the heart.

Show your love for the scientist in your life with this life-size heart model. This model is an anatomically accurate representation of the heart, both internally and externally.

Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Fully functioning, scale model of Leonardo Da Vinci catapult for demonstration of historical launching device Flings soft clay balls (included) up to 15 feet for realistic reproduction of discharge Made of wood for durability Assembly required

This catapult model is fully functional to demonstrate how this historical device worked. The catapult can launch clay balls up to 15 feet. This makes a unique, interesting knickknack for a desk or home office.

Santa’s Scientific Christmas Coal

5 small lumps of genuine American coal. Approximately 1"x1"x1" - medium sized marble. Premium cotton muslin bag keeps any created coal dust contained inside the bag Link included on card to an experiment to grow snowflakes on your coal. (Note: There are some additional required ingredients for the experiment that are not included.) Perfect stocking stuffer

This is a great gag gift for any science lover! While at first glance it seems like a practical joke, the package includes instructions for an experiment allowing you to grow snowflakes on the coal.

Starter Test Tube Research Set

Four research projects: (1) color investigations, (2) water density investigations, (3) Shape to volume investigations, (4) Seed germination investigation Kid-friendly materials- Polypropylene and polyethylene construction Organic seeds Tested by kids and parents Washes easily and dries on the rack provided! (see pictures)

Your scientifically curious child will love this research starter set. It includes fully functional test tubes and four research projects for your child to experiment with.

Inflatable Brachiosaurus

High Quality Proprietary design Exceptional performance Featuring 4 color printing process and superior construction Makes a captivating display and is sure to turn heads for people to ask, "Is that real?" The package includes a repair kit for any punctures or holes

This brachiosaurus can be inflated to over 2 feet tall and 4 feet high. This makes a great gift for dinosaur-loving children or a wacky science teacher who would enjoy showing off an inflatable dinosaur.

3D Desktop Printer

Attention: HICTOP Prusa I3 3D Printer is SOLD ONLY BY HIC Technology. Items from any other sellers may be KNOCKOFF !!! DIY Self-assembly, you will learn more during building the 3D printer. High printing accuracy Printing size: 270*200*170mm With installation tools

This package contains all the parts you need to assemble a functional 3-D desktop printer. Great for hobbyists and science teachers.

Giant Microbes Flu Petri Dish

This guy may not look too tough, but don't let his cute looks fool you! Once he and his friends show up you're in for a pretty lousy time. Learn about his weaknesses so you can avoid unwanted encounters. Children, parents and educators will enjoy using these educational plush toys to teach about hygiene, disease, and the human body. Each microbe comes with a description of the disease it causes or

Similar to the plush microorganisms, this set of plush microbes depicts giant versions of various illnesses in a petri dish. These are fun to collect and can be used to educate children about diseases.

Mini Q-Man Magnet

Description: Q-Man Mini Magnets are bendable characters with magnetic arms and feet. In addition to holding papers, photos, and random items like takeout menus, the Q-Man can be contorted into fun circus-like poses for your amusement. Populate your kitchen or office with these fun magnetic figures. For people who like: gifts for the inner ,child, magnets office toys, stocking stuffers Features & s

These bendable characters have magnetic arms and feet, allowing them to hold papers and pose in ridiculous positions. Great for a desk or office space.

Scorpion in Acrylic Sphere

This scorpion is a collectible preserved specimen that makes a great desktop decoration for biologists. It allows you to get up close and personal to study scorpion anatomy without all the danger involved.

Eisco Labs Equilateral Acrylic Prisms

These prisms are designed to help people learn about light. They produce a rainbow reflection when sunlight hits them.

Introductory Rock Collection

Introductory rock collection for geological study 15 igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock specimens for detailed examination Number coded with key sheet for identification Compartmented tray for display and storage Specimens measure 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches (L x W)

This gift is great for geology lovers of any age. The kit includes 15 specimens, information charts, and a key sheet to identify each rock.

7-Piece Fossil Collection

Amazing collection of genuine fossils Includes Megalodon Shark tooth fragment, split/polished ammonite, agadir ammonite, spinosaurus tooth, Wyoming Fossil Fish plate, real Dinosaur Bone, Calymene Trilobite Sizes range from 1" - 5" each! Great Amazon Review! Gift-boxed - photo is representative - actual items will vary slightly Amazing classroom resource of fossil gift and dinosaur gift

This collection includes 7 genuine fossils of various specimen. These make great conversation and showcase pieces.

Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

Stylish matte black pedestal moon clock Replicates the phases of the moon with a dark shield that rotates around a realistic image of the moon's surface Quartz movement moon clock Calendar People used to be able to tell the time of year by looking at the phases of the moon, but don't worry if you can't - the Moon Phase Clock also features an accurate analog clock with quartz movement, and a calend

This clock tells time by replicating the phases of the moon. It also includes a standard analog clock for those unable to tell time by moon phase.

Wizard’s Potion Set

NEW IN WINTER 2015 - Improved protection packaging for shipping. We heard your feedback and worked with vendor to make the packaging safer for shipment. Mortar and Pestle Potion making tools, mixing Flasks Storage Tubes and rack No ingredients or instructions included (liquid shown for demonstration)

If you have a child who loves Harry Potter, this makes a great gift to introduce them to the world of science. With some liquid and food coloring, your child can make their very own “potions.”

Apple-Shaped Stress Ball

Squeeze your stress away Latex free Fidgety hands? Give it a squeeze Bright red

This makes a great gift for any science teacher who is under a little too much pressure. The apple shape makes this product discreet so students don’t catch on that their teacher is struggling to pull it together.

DNA Helix Key Chain

DNA Helix Science Keychain is 3 dimensional Measures 2 inches in height .75 inches in width Hangs from a standard stainless steel key ring- Gift packaged with a small card to make gift giving simple Cast in metal alloy in the United States

This makes a great stocking stuffer for biologists. The metal keychain is shaped to look like a DNA helix, making a great conversation piece.

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