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Raise a glass for these gifts that any aspiring bartender or gracious host will appreciate.

Mason Shaker

Make cocktails in style with the Mason Shaker, the unique four-piece Mason Jar cocktail shaker that harkens to American eras past Mix drinks like a professional bartender This barware won't rust and is dishwasher safe Made of glass and high quality stainless steel Made in the USA

A shot of Americana, a jigger of Southern sensibility, a dash of design ingenuity, and what have you got? The Mason Shaker. A unique four-piece cocktail shaker made of glass and stainless steel.

Whisky Wedge

Only Corkcicle and amazon direct are authorized sellers, all others may be counterfeit; we will not authorize returns or warranties from these sellers Whiskey wedge provides a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits; perfectly chilled but not watered down Each unit contains one double old-fashioned whiskey glass and one silicone mold for freezing wedge of ice into glass Simply freeze water

The Whiskey Wedge creates an intriguing wedge of ice inside its specially designed tumbler. Keep your favorite drink cool–both in temperature and in appearance–as the ice block melts slowly.


One-handed ambidextrous design Holds onto unbent cap via rare earth magnet Clings to fridge via magnet for easy access 100% American Made in beautiful anodized aluminum 5 unique colors made / 2 different finishes

The Gropener grab opener is a simple yet powerful bottle opener Made in the USA. Its advanced ergonomic design lets you hold the bottle and pop the top with just one hand.

Hella Bitters

Bitters Mixology Cocktail Ingredient Food Condiment Baking Spice

There’s nothing like a signature drink to spice up a dinner or cocktail party. Lemon Fizz, Southside, or Old Fashioned—the special sauce that gives each one of these cocktails its distinct flavor is an extract called bitters made from an infusion of spices, herbs, and aromatics.

Spin Chill

Portable Drink Chiller. Chill a drink down in 1 min. Rapidly chill canned and bottled beverages. Works on beer, soda, and wine. Drinks do not fizz or foam from being SpinChilled. Water Resistant: throw it in ice or ice water and let it chill your drink. Great for tailgating, golfing, boating, and Bar-B-Ques.

The Spin Chill clips onto the top of a can, or bottle, and uses convection to allow warm liquid in the center of the container to make its way to the outer edges, cooling the beverage down at least 20 times faster than traditional cooling methods.