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Our cars are designed with safety, efficiency and enjoyment in mind. But car manufacturers

have yet to think of everything. Fortunately for us there are plenty of companies that have taken

the initiative to fill the gaps in car designs. This list demonstrates just how thoughtful and

innovative some of these inventions have become.


Wooku Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile Phone Holder Mount Clip Buckle Socket Hands Free on Car Steering Wheel for iPhone 5/5G/ 4/4S,HTC, Samsung Galaxy, PDA and Smart Cellphones


One of the wilder ideas out there, this cell phone holder sits nicely inside the opening in your

steering wheel. This puts the cell phone in quick, easy access in the event of a phone call or

alert. Of course it’s not recommended to text and drive, however, the quick access ensures that

you don’t have to fumble around to get to it.


Roadster Smartphone Sticky Pad Dash Mount


Not too many vehicles come with a large amount of open storage space. Many of us simply

resort to storing loose items in the cup holders or the glove box. The Smartphone Sticky Pad is

solution for keeping the cell phone in a safe, efficient spot in the car. The fun part? It’s not

actually sticky! It will stick to any dashboard without adhesives and keeps any items inside of it free from slipping out and flying all over the place.


AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

Flashlight with batteries, Keep in your car, 8 gauge heavy duty booster cable, Compact storage bag with handles, Most trusted name in travel


We can never be too careful, right? On the road, especially in inclement weather, we can never

be over prepared. The AAA 42 Piece Emergency Kit is aimed covering almost every single

essential need we might face on the road. Beyond the jumper cables, the kit includes a first aid

kit, flashlight, tape and poncho. It’s got it all!


Kick Mats

★ #1 TOP RATED & TRUSTED KICK MATS BACK SEAT PROTECTOR ON AMAZON... ★ PLUS FREE SHIPPING ★ Are You Stuck and Looking For GIFT IDEAS, TOP RATED, MOST WISHED FOR and BEST SELLERS on Amazon Then These KICK MATS BACK SEAT PROTECTOR is a Must Have - Perfect Auto Seat Back Kick Protectors Gift, Automotive Universal Fit Seat Covers Gift Or Seat Cover & Accessories Gift ★ Luxury KICK MATS Auto Seat Back K


You love your kids. You also love your car – although, probably not with the same kind of

affection. No matter, the back of the seats will always suffer from those little ‘kickers.’ The Kick

Mat serves to stand in the way of dirty feat and forceful leg extensions from antsy kids in the

back seat. A must have for preserving and protecting the beauty and value of your car’s interior!


Automobile Swivel Tray

No more lunches in your lap! Tray's textured surface keeps items from sliding all over the place

Swivel it over to the passenger side when you don't need it.


Admit it: we all eat in our car. It’s amazing they make cell phone use illegal while we stuff our

faces with a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Regardless, the Automobile Swivel Tray is a glorious

addition to anyone’s ride. Of course it will hold anything – not just your food.


Magnet-i-Car Universal Car Phone Holder

THE MOST SECURE MOUNT YOU CAN BUY - Powerful magnets lock your phone into place - yet you can remove it in a snap VIEW YOUR PHONE FROM ANY ANGLE - With a full 360 rotation, you can customize the exact angle you need - and have it closer to you than flush mounted vent holders THE ONLY MOUNT YOU'LL EVER NEED - Hold any phone, mp3 players, even mini-tablets - anything up to 1 pound - with its univers


We’ve already featured a few ideas for holding your smartphone in place while on the go. The

Magnet-i-Car phone holder eases the process of getting your phone in place for the ride. Just as

well, there are fewer moving parts at play when using the magnet holder. There are also no

pieces getting in the way of using your screen or seeing directions. Plus it fits any phone size.


Drop Stop

WE ARE THE ONLY SOLUTION WITH 100% GAP COVERAGE - IN FRONT OF, SURROUNDING, AND BEHIND SEAT BELT CATCH. Drop Stop® attaches to the seat belt catch via built in slot; moves with the seat and no need to readjust or reinstall. AS SEEN ON TV/SHARK TANK, Drop Stop blocks that annoying yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console BEWARE OF CHEAP KNOCKOFFS AND COUNTERFEITE


A dilemma we have all faced is handling – and dropping – small items in our car. It’s almost

always our keys or smartphone and they always take their plunge deep between the seats.

Instead of taking the next 10 minutes to retrieve your precious items from “old french fry land,”

the Drop Stop keeps any objects from making there way there in the first place. The only

solution with “100% gap coverage,” the Drop Stop even covers the tricky areas like the seatbelt clip.