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Countless hours spent at a traditional desk workspace setting can take a toll on your body,

posture and comfort. Improving the tools you use as well as the environment you work in will do

wonders for ensuring a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life at and outside of work. Here

are seven ways to benefit you and your workspace.

VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 standing desk is designed to accommodate those with dual-monitor setups or larger workspace needs The two-tier design gives you an upper display surface for your monitor, and a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck Height-adjustable to 11 different positions for ergonomic comfort. Remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended Uses VARIDESK's patented spring-loaded liftin

Most of us know about the benefits of a standing desk. However, most of us don’t want one. The

Varidesk allows you keep height adjustments exclusive to your desktop as opposed to the whole

desk. Additionally, the design allows it to blend into your desk without being a gaudy eyesore.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Wooden Kneeling Chair Gray Fabric Upholstery Thickly Padded Seat and Knee Rest Height Adjustment Frame Natural Wood Frame Finish

Maybe you have seen these before and wondered how in the heck someone sits on them. To

achieve great back posture, this chair causes you to essentially kneel on the lower portion of the

chair and then sit your posterior on the upper part. The end result is that you are forced to

activate your core, thereby ensuring better posture and less risk for injury or pain. Perfect for

folks who spend an extensive amount of time sitting at desks.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Created by leading health and fitness experts to improve your back health Employs the same balance ball used in your workout routine Helps build a healthier back, align the spine, relieve pain, and improve your overall well-being Includes removable 52-centimeter Balance Ball, an adjustable support bar, easy-glide casters, air pump Designed for users 5-feet to 5-feet, 11-inches tall; 300-pound weig

Ergonomic office items are probably going to look weird. But that shouldn’t stop you from

investing in the Gaiam Balance Ball chair. We’ve all seen and heard of the benefits of using an

inflatable exercise ball at our desk. The downside is that they are hard to move around without

having to get up from your seat. This chair adds wheels and a backrest to this popular


ergonomic seating solution.

Desktop Organizer

Reducing stress can be as easy and reducing the clutter around you. Just as well, finding smart

places to put loose items (such as a cell phone) can make all the difference. The Ergotech

Ultimate Desktop Organizer organizes your things on either side of the computer monitor. Attach

photos, notes and other varying items to keep your workspace clean and your mind sane.

Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic Footrest

Keeps legs elevated for improved posture and circulation while working at your desk Offers choice of three height and three tilt adjustments for individual comfort Large non-skid foot surface enhances overall stability Helps reduce pressure on lower back and alleviate discomfort from sitting Two year warranty and free technical support Keeps legs elevated for improved posture, circulation and comf

While seated, a large amount of strain is endured by your core should your chair be too low.

One of the ways to combat that strain is by utilizing the Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic

Footrest. The angle keeps your feet and legs in a natural position as you continue to work.

Raised knees also ensure better circulation as you sit.

Vertical Optical Mouse

Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain. 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces. Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing; the best choice

Sometimes deemed the “Shark Fin,” this mouse keeps your hand, wrist and arm in the

“handshake” position. This improves circulation, reduces strain and, let’s face it, looks really cool

on your desk.

Antec Advance Accent Lighting

6 LED's, measuring 14.5-Inch, in Blue to light up your PC. Plugs into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. Convenient on/off switch!

Hours staring at a computer screen can wreck havoc on your eyes as they fix their position on a

short depth of field. A subtle back light behind the computer monitor can bring relief to your eyes

and add a cool color hue to improve your surroundings.