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These days, it seems like everyone is a photographer. Humans are taking more photos today than ever before, and most of us are using the same cameras and lenses as everyone else. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a way to stand out from the crowd, film & vintage cameras are the answer. We’ve gathered the strangest and most unique film cameras that are sure to keep you snapping for years to come.

Holga Twin Reflex Medium Format Camera

The Holga is one of today’s most popular vintage film cameras. This twin reflex version adds an extra element of nostalgia by adding twin lenses and a top-down viewfinder that is sure to astound and confuse your human subjects.

Diana F+ Complete Camera Kit

Everything you need to experience the Diana + camera in one complete and beautiful package. Contains Diana+, Diana Flash, Hotshoe adaptor ,Cable Release Collar and cable release, Diana 35mm Adapter Back+ 4 masks for 4 35mm formats (square, sproket panoramic,square panoramic, standard 35mm frame). Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens, Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens, Close-Up Lens, Dia

Another staple of modern-vintage film cameras is the Diana. The F+ version of this camera comes with a custom hotshoe for an onboard flash, which opens up a whole new arena of creative possibilites in all lighting situations. This complete kit also comes with an array of lenses and filters, including fisheye and telephoto lenses!

Fujifilm Instax Neo Classic Instant Camera

Automatically detects the brightness of the surrounding and adjusts the amount of flash and shutter speed to optimize photo quality Double exposure mode 2 images are produced on 1 film sheet by pressing the shutter twice Bulb mode the shutter remains open while the shutter button is depressed (10 seconds maximum) and a light trail can be photographed Macro mode short distance photography as close

Fujifilm has done a fantastic job modernizing the world of instant film and picking up where Polaroid left off. These cameras ooze with style and they’re great for parties too. As an added bonus, you don’t have to pull out your hair or empty your wallet looking for film!

Mamiya RZ67 Pro Medium Format Camera

Direct, Digital Communication Between the Camera Body and a Digital Back. Ultra-high Performance Lenses. Multi-format Versatility, Film or Digital. Revolving Back. Bellows Focusing.

Since the dawn of black and white fashion photography, Mamiya has been a name synonymous with quality and class. This was the camera used by top fashion photographers to capture the greats like Marilyn Monroe and Aretha Franklin, and is still considered one of the highest quality iconic cameras on the market.

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

Electronic shutter Programmed auto exposure; long exposures possible Flashbar socket for flash Rigid plastic body Single-element 103mm f/14.6 lens

Look familiar? This is the classic Polaroid Land Camera that Instagram used to model the icon for their famous app. If you’re looking for a gift for the hipster in your life with a love of all things vintage, this is it. It’s also extremely easy to operate and tons of instant fun.

Pinhole Camera Kit

Build your own real, working pinhole camera Works with 35mm film Light tight clamshell design Produces vivid & professional pictures

This cardboard pinhole camera is a perfect example of modern creativity blended with age-old technology. It comes in a flat cardboard unit and requires a bit of assembly, but that’s half the fun! You won’t get an amazing image that’s ready for print in National Geographic, but you will have a ton of fun for a very low cost of entry.

Canon AE-1 Film Camera

The Canon AE-1 is considered by many photographers to be the best film camera ever made by Canon. It’s also cheap and there is a huge variety of available lenses and accessories. The AE-1 was Canon’s best selling camera when it was first released, and also the first to come with a microprocessor inside. This camera has many of the features you’ll find on your digital SLR camera, like Aperature Priority and Shutter Priority modes.

Leica R7 Film Camera

Specializing in only the highest quality parts and technology, Leica is the Cadillac of film cameras. The R7 is one of Leica’s cheapest cameras that are currently on the market, but hey – it’s still a Leica! This camera boasts a relatively high shutter speed range and crystal clear viewfinder and lens.