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With the holidays right around the corner, crazy cat lady gifts are a purr-fect addition to your cat-loving gift list. Whether you’re the feline fanatic or you know a kitten-krazed person, this idea collection is the place to start.

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Swanky Pet Stroller by BestPet

Lightweight for easy mobility Foldable Pivoting and easy rolling wheels Zippered front for easy access Removable inner pad for easy cleaning

Ok, so we all know that cats don’t do very well on leashes. But what do you do if you want to take Fluffy on a long walk through Times Square? She is your child, after all. You already carry her around in your handbag and change her diaper, so why not invest in a swanky cat stroller?

Color Paw Cat Nail Polish

Fast-drying one-coat coverage Trend-setting colors for a fashionable look Premium quality for lasting results Available in hot pink color Safe for dogs and cats

Cats, as we know, already believe that they are beautiful. But we all need a confidence boost every once in a while, right? Color Paw nail polish comes in an array of colors for every day of the week. Your cat will feel like the queen of the universe, if she doesn’t already feel that way.

Cat Massager Glove With Vibrating Fingers

If you can't bring yourself to put a few small rodents in a gift-wrapped box for your cat, try this leopard-patterned vibrating cat-massage mitt. Really. It's from Purrrfect Pet Products, and they've applied for a patent! Measures 11" long with a vibrating thingy in each of the (4) fingers plus the palm, if that's what leopards have. The PPP people call it "a new way to connect with your pet" but

This product claims to “strengthen the bond between owner and pet.” What better gift for the crazy cat lady in your life than a giant vibrating paw? Your little kitty will certainly not be frightened by this giant appendage that resembles that of a large cougar or mountain lion, and would have no reason to claw or attack it… right?

Tasmania Cat Tree Kitty Mansion

Does your cat sit at the window all day, longing to be out of the house and deep in the jungles of Tasmania? Well, the Tasmania Kitty Mansion is here to help. It even comes with leaves and vines for an authentic look and feel. Your friends might tell you that this item teaches your cat to claw at your houseplants, but what do they know? They’ve never owned a dozen cats. They wouldn’t understand.

Cat Tuxedo

*** Fulfillment by Amazon Prime delivery service is provided by a US based company: Smarter-Games. Please see more buying choices for details. Smarter-Games is the one and only original supplier for Fashion Paws at Fashion Paws at does not endorse any other sellers for its products. Please help to protect the rights of the hard working Fashion Paws' Families. Thanks. This cl

Your cat is a dapper, high-class creature. Don’t insult them by leaving them naked at your next big dinner party! Arrive in style with a cat tuxedo. Guaranteed to boost your cat’s self confidence and have them feeling like a member of the Cat Pack (get it?).

Kitty Life Jacket

For dogs 10-20 lbs. Girth 16-20" Keeps dog safe Ultimate buoyancy Lift handle on back

If there’s one thing we know about cats, it’s that they absolutely loathe water. So it only makes sense to take them along on your next boating trip! The Kitty Life Jacket ensures that your cat will float (like they already do) to the surface of the water and remain calm until you scoop them up.

What Crazy Cat Lady Gifts Are On Your List?

It’s not enough to just enjoy this collection. Make sure to actually add it to your list! We’d love to see tons of GiftTITAN profiles filling up with crazy cat lady gifts. C’mon, this is the Internet; we know you’re all crazy for cats.

Here’s an adorable cat video to prove it:

That’s all for now! Did we miss any gift ideas? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!