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Wooden toys for toddlers are a great choice if you’re looking for something that is durable, high-quality and educational. And let’s be honest, what parent wouldn’t want those things? Buying toys is a never-ending cycle throughout childhood. So, how do you know which toys are right for your child?

At the end of the day, toddlers learn by doing and love exploring this wonderful experience we call life. Playing provides children with a wonderful opportunity to practice new concepts like imagination, motor skills, problem-solving and reasoning. While many types of toys can lead your young child down this path, wooden toys for toddlers are a timeless resource.

Spielgaben, a wooden toy company, outlined 15 unique benefits in their blog post. While they had a lot of great points, this seemed to sum it up:

Let’s face it – children are rough on their toys and other educational materials. You likely have missing game pieces and at least one broken toy laying around your home. Not only can wooden toys be enjoyed by generations, but the same wooden toys often last throughout generations. Since they’re made of quality wood and are solid, it’s hard for them to be damaged beyond the basic scratch or dent. If your child gets them dirty, you can easily clean them so they’re ready for the next learning activity. If you’re going to invest in learning products for your home, you want to be sure they will last a long time and that they can be used with multiple children.

You’d think choosing toys would be an easy task – as simple as walking down the toddler aisle of the store. However, if you’ve ever actually journeyed down that way, you know just how overwhelming it can feel. I don’t have space in this blog to tell you about every possible option. However, I would like to take a few moments and share some great ideas if you’re interested in wooden toys.

1. Pull Along Snail

Pull-Along Snail Wooden Early Educational Toy for Baby Toddler - Color Random

You’re little one probably can’t move too fast yet, making this snail the perfect companion! They love zooming around, practicing their walking skills.

2. Wooden Shaker

Three row, 3 bells each row, multicolor bar striped tip, wooden handle. Consisted of ten metal jingle bells mounted on 2.2cm dia wooden stick, is convenient to grip. The tambourine is a ideal gift for children to train the music rhythm, also play usually in the birthday party, Halloween, Xmas, etc. The bell stick is also used for the babies over 3 months, will enhance baby's listening, music rhyth

Wooden toys for toddlers aren’t just about building blocks. Help them tap into a musical side with this wooden shaker. They’re sure to love jingling the bells – and you’re sure to learn how to truly appreciate the quiet moments! ;-)

3. Shape Sorter

Shape Sorting Puzzle Board Flower Geometric Nesting Stacker Baby Toddler Wooden Toy

You’ll be incredibly impressed the first time they sort these the right way. Go ahead and start encouraging your little one to reach her fullest potential early in life. This shape sorter doesn’t have a glass ceiling, and is perfect for any toddler to enjoy.

4. Choo-Choo Train Set

Young engineers will be delighted to store their trains in style with this detailed roundhouse and turntable set. Open the doors with the simple lever and roll out the trains for even more choo-choo fun. Color (s) : red. Brand: Melissa and Doug. Style Name: Melissa & Doug 'Roundhouse & Turntable' Wooden Toy Set. Style Number: 5054520. Available in stores.

My little brother’s favorite toy was his train set. He’d sit there and play for hours, and it was a collection my family and I were able to help him build for several years. Help your child build their imagination with this choo-choo train set.

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5. Ultimate Project Workbench

A functioning vise and cool tool rack detail a pint-sized workbench with plenty of wooden hardware for hours of creative play. Color (s) : various. Brand: Melissa and Doug. Style Name: Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench. Style Number: 590751. Available in stores.

This is a great starter set for the extra industrious toddlers. Wooden toys for toddlers don’t have to just be small items. This sturdy workbench will help her develop and fine-tune her motor skills, while building up the imagination too. A must-have for any home! Bonus points if you have a workbench because they’ll love being just like you! (And your ego will love it too.)

6. Car Carrier Truck

Four brightly painted cars roll up onto the ramp of a personalized car carrier and away they go. Color (s) : green. Brand: Melissa and Doug. Style Name: Melissa & Doug Personalized Wooden Car Carrier. Style Number: 821084. Available in stores.

If your little guy (or girl) loves playing with cars and trucks, this is a great addition for the collection. Teach that when you crash the cars, they have to be taken away on this carrier truck for repairs. It’s the perfect way to encourage hours of play and imagination.

7. Shape & Pattern Matcher

Another one to help their cognitive development. The shape and pattern matcher will help them with reasoning, problem-solving and all those other important functions. Becoming a productive member of society starts here, folks.

8. Geometric Stacker

I remember having these type of stackers in a plastic version when I was young. This wooden version is just elegant and timeless. Not that the toddler will care about those features, but they’ll certainly love finding news ways of stacking all the pieces together.

9. Sandwich Making Set

No wooden toys for toddlers are edible – even when it’s a sandwich set. However, if they’re going to make pretend food and put their mouth on it, it’s probably best to have a natural material like wood as opposed to the manufactured plastic products on the market.

10. Toys Tree Rattle

This little tree rattler is just cute. Sometimes things are just cute, ok?

11. Wooden Roller Rattle

Roll the colorful 2.5 long rattle and listen to the wooden ball inside make a clicking sound. Great for developing visual and auditory discrimination skills.

This fun little rattler will be sure to ignite a bit of curiosity. They’ll roll it around for quite a while trying to figure out how it’s making that sound. Support their cognitive development with this little wooden toy they’ll love.

12. Rescue Jigsaw Puzzle

To this day, I love doing jigsaw puzzles. Perhaps I should make a section for wooden toys for toddlers and adults? Maybe another day. For now, make sure to check out this great puzzle for your little bundle of joy. You’ll love watching as they concentrate on making the picture look like the box. Trust me, my mom still enjoys the look on my face while I try. ;-)

13. Beginner Kazoo

Hmmmmm...The perfect instrument when you don't know the words! Humming into this wooden kazoo will transform any melody into a fun experience.

Another creative outlet for the musically inclined. I’m not sure which would be more noisy throughout the day? Probably the kazoo… Remember how funny the vibrations feel on your lips? Your youngster will certainly get a kick out of the feeling too.

Any Other Wooden Toys for Toddlers to Add?

Using a natural material like wood has many advantages for toddlers. This is not a comprehensive list, but will hopefully spark some ideas as you build your own wishlist. If you’d like to search for additional ideas, make sure to check out our comprehensive search platform, featuring 4500+ stores to choose from (including Amazon)! And happy shopping!

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