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These toys are designed to help your child explore the world around them.

Everyone wants their child to reach his or her full potential. These gifts promote learning through experiments and projects. Your children will have so much fun, they won’t know they’re learning!

Be Amazing Insta-Snow Jar

Create incredibly realistic snow scenes without the hassle of melting ice Absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water Just spritz with water to make it fluff-up All non-toxic and fully safety tested Great for holiday decorating Makes 2 gallons/ 7.57 liters of snow

Add a spritz of water to this toy, and the white powder fluffs up to create an artificial snow drift. Not only can your kids play in the snow without all the mess, but this package includes an activity packet explaining the chemistry behind the toy.

Snap Circuits Motion Electronics Discovery Kit

Projects include, an Optical Theremin, Echo effects, Voice changer - Record voice or music Connect the unit to your smart phone and analyze sounds with downloadable apps Color organ controlled by iPod or other MP3 player, voice or finger Includes full-color manual with easy to follow instructions Over 50 parts and over 165 projects to complete; All motion and physics focused Experiment with gears

Designed for children ages 4 and older, this kit introduces your child to electronics through 165 projects and experiments.

SmartLab Spa Lab: All-Natural Soaps Science Kit

New for 2015!! The possibilities are endless with Spa Lab: All Natural Soaps! Add rose petals or lavendar to create scented soaps, oatmeal to make a soothing soap and much more! Includes 14 soap molds, 5 gift boxes, a 16 page full color booklet & more! For ages 8 and up

Children ages 8 and up can make their very own soaps with this science kit. All you need is a microwave oven and some common kitchen ingredients such as vanilla, oatmeal, or honey to create wonderfully scented soaps.

Geode Explorer Science Kit

DISCOVER INCREDIBLE CRYSTALS! - Geodes are amazing natural wonders. These hollow rocks have beautiful crystals inside waiting to be discovered A SCIENCE CLASSIC! - The entire family will love smashing open geodes with this fun and educational STEM science toy for kids QUALITY AND VARIETY - Break open 3 different types of premium-quality geodes (only 1 type in similar kits) and discover stunning cr

This kit includes 7 geodes–all of which are hollow and can be broken open to expose crystal structures inside. A magnifying glass, adventure guide, activity booklet, 2 display stands, and safety goggles are also included to help your child confidently explore the world of geology.

K’NEX Mighty Makes Home Designer Building Set

Includes over 433 K'NEX parts and pieces Build and decorate with Brianna and Sophia Accessories include flowers and flower pots, seats, tables, lamps, blue prints, graphic panels and more Includes instructions for three different architecture themed builds Mighty Makers Club Card challenges builder to explore additional architecture concepts

Introduce your children to the field of architecture with the home designer building set. This toy includes miniature home decorations, furniture, and instructions for building three different architectural structures.

Thames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Kit

High-quality refractor telescope You can see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter (including its stripes), Saturn, the moons of both Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus, and many craters on the Moon Also see various nebula and galaxies including the Hercules nebula, Eagle nebula, Andromeda galaxy, and a seemingly infinite number of stars Also includes sturdy aluminum tripod Terrestrial observations on Earth are a

This telescope will allow your child to explore the solar system from your own backyard. The lenses allow you to view Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and craters on the moon.

My First Lab Whodunnit? Forensic Microscope Kit

High Quality Glass Optics 40x to 400x Magnification Featuring dual Cool LED lamps, which provide both standard and UVA illumination Accessories for evidence collection and analysis kit included

Your child will feel like a professional detective with this forensic microscope kit. This kit includes a microscope and accessories for collecting and analyzing evidence.

Modular Robotics MOSS Zombonitron 1600 Kit

Kit contains 16 MOSS blocks, 56 Carbon Steel Spheres, and a Micro-USB Charging Cable. This remarkably intuitive and elegant construction system lets you quickly play and experiment with robots. Use the steel spheres to create simple motion primitives. Combining joints, hinges and rigid construction yields wonderful kinematic creations. The MOSS Zombonitron 1600 includes 16 robot blocks that combin

This kit allows your child to explore the world of robotics, limited only by his or her imagination. The kit includes 16 robot blocks that can be combined to form hundreds of different robots.

Elenco Night ‘N Day Mechanical Globe

Real Solar Time Rotating Globe that is also a clock and calendar As the globe turns, see where people on earth are experiencing sunrise, sunset and twilight times Assembly and easy set-up required, AC adaptor included 11"(28cm) diameter Another fun, educational product from Elenco, the company that brings you Snap Circuits

This globe lights up to display the areas on Earth that are currently experiencing day and night. This practical gift also doubles as a clock and calendar.

Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit

EXCAVATE REAL FOSSILS - Become a paleontologist and start a rock and fossil collection when you dig up 15 million-year-old fossils! REAL DINOSAUR SPECIMEN - Dig out a real dinosaur bone! Other fossils you'll find include an ammonite, coral, mosasaur tooth, coprolite and more WORLD CLASS SCIENCE KIT - Dig out your fossils and then learn about each specimen with our learning guide that's full of col

National Geographic allows kids to channel their inner paleontologist with this kit. The kit includes a dinosaur bone, ammonite, coral, mosasaur tooth, coprolite, and more.

SmartLab Demolition Lab: Wrecking Ball Building Kit

New for 2015!! The latest addition to the best-selling, award-winning Demolition Lab line brings the house down-literally with Demolition Lab: Wrecking Ball! Mix-and-match pieces to build your own one-of-a-kind structure, then knock it down! Includes 26 wall panels, 13 floors/rooftops, 16 footing clips and more! For ages 8 and up

Your little construction worker will love building structures with this kit’s mix-and-match pieces and then knocking them down with a miniature wrecking ball.

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